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Founder of Humble Wear Inc.


on the Humble

Humble Wear was started back in 1996 by Myself and my partner  Hostile in Miami. Through the years we grow apart and Juan now owns a runs Humble Wear Inc. Moving on the Humble I will make sure that this Clothing line makes it. I see Great things coming from Humble Wear. This line is and Urban Apparel and it’s is intended to become a Universal line. I always intended this line to be for everyone. All Genres Skaters, Hip Hop Heads, Snowboarders, Surfers, Everyone...

Humble Wear Inc. is a new clothing line that I have been working on for a long time on and off. I truly believe that this line will make it some day. I have dedicated many years to this line. I have  been working extremely hard to make it the best line out today. I’m currently looking for buyers and /or investors for this line. Please contact me at

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